Gavin Turk graffiti work lost beneath dross

Gavin Turk's stencilled artwork in Leake Street, London as it looked in 2007 – it really is lost now

• Pictured here are two stencilled Gavin Turk signatures found two years ago in Leake Street, a disused subterranean road which runs under Waterloo Station on London’s South Bank. They were created as part of the Banksy-initiated Cans Festival in June 2008, an open-to-all extravaganza of street art – and just this bit of fine art. Less accomplished graffiti has proliferated in Leake Street ever since; the paint-swathed tunnel is now a tourist draw, and home to Kevin Spacey’s experimental Old Vic Tunnels theatre (the original Vics, Young and Old, are nearby). It’s also where Banksy premiered his film, Exit Through the Gift Shop – he donated the deco-style red plush cinema seats to Spacey’s theatre afterwards. Despite all this it’s still a dingy and avoidable short-cut, so it wasn’t till today that I discovered Turk’s works have disappeared, as the before and after images below show: one behind a grey-emulsioned bin station, and the other beneath some extremely poor generic graffiti, which also shamefully hides the cheerful ceramic tiles. Damn – too late to chip those Turks out now!

Turk's Waterloo works before and after: left in 2008, and right in 2010 (ie gone)

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