Banksy’s subterranean grot spot revisited

Graffiti tourist photographing street art left over from Banksy's Cans Fest, Leake St, London SE1

• In a grotty tunnel under Waterloo Station, Banksy once launched a weekend of street art called The Cans Festival (Cannes Festival, geddit?) – and this guy’s photographing some of the remains. Since then the artistic graffiti has mainly been covered by swathes of dross, so I thought I’d memorialise it in its heyday. It coincided with the Tate’s Street Art initiative, hence their tag, below; and there were a couple of references to a real artist, namely Andy Warhol. Arch-Warholian Gavin Turk also featured with a couple of stencilled signatures, the fate of which are discussed here. The most valuable works however were  Banksy’s own contributions, though like everything else of note they were soon defaced.

The Tate gives its imprimateur to Banksy's festival

A reference to Andy Warhol's classic banana cover for the album The Velvet Underground & Nico

Another Warhol reference: the soup can-style spray cans read "Tomato Spray"

A Banksy helicopter hovers over a "Missing" poster for his work "Money Man", a hanging banker figure

And finally, watched over by George Orwell and a reboot of the world's oldest wall art, a Banksy cleans up

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